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I took loans mother in the last months of pregnancy and continued after childbirth. If I knew about these vitamins earlier, I would have taken earlier, because I began to feel much better with them, as for lactation, the milk came right away, despite the fact that I was caesarized and I heard that there could be problems. The skin and hair on these vitamins have become just super! I advise!

I will note the composition of this super vitamin complex! methylhydrofolate, liposomal iron and lack of vitamin A - for me became the primary reason for choosing this complex. flew as if not pregnant at all.

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I drink vitamins for preparation. We thought about baby, so I had to study the compositions. Good drug. I was advised as an analogue to actively advertised means. I do not like it when they get into your brain with advertising. This complex contains all the most important. the dosages are correct. and this is a novelty in the market. the latest trends and developments.

In principle, I think that good vitamins can not cost a penny, and the composition of loans is decent, if you take everything separately, it will be more expensive. I was with loans for HB for another 4 months, except for pregnancy. I liked the way I feel on him. Neither edema, nor headaches, slept well, and a healthy child was born.

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She drank vitamins until loans Mom’s folk, drank herself up to allergies, then iron, her stomach twisted and there were major problems with the digestive tract, she threw it. I talked with the girls on the forums, realized that I still need to drink vitamins, and with a gynecologist they picked me up loans Mom. How do they suit VMKs, I feel much better, the analyzes are also good, the pricing policy, I think it's sane, as long as we selected the complexes, I also looked at the prices, there are those in which half of what is here, but cost times 2 more.

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